Insta-Mold Earplugs

Insta-Mold earplugs have been used for over thirty years providing an excellent solution for people looking for the best protection against water and/or loud noise levels such as shotgun blasts, wind-noise, music and machinery.
Made from a medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone, Insta-Mold earplugs offer the ultimate in comfort because they are custom shaped to each individual’s ears. This eliminates the amount of discomfort usually faced with the common expanding foam earplugs, and the constant hassles of bulky earmuffs. Insta-Mold’s also remain flexible and soft throughout their lifetime giving you several years of consistent use. By obtaining this ultimate fit, Insta-Mold’s achieve the best attainable NRR rating, and provide the maximum in hearing protection for the individual user. Insta-Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs are comfortable enough to wear all day without fatigue or discomfort. Insta-Mold Custom Molded Ear Plugs are designed to last for years of heavy use. We recommend a new fitting after 5 years due to changes of the shape of the ear.

Earplugs NRR Ratings (U.S. Standard)
NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) 32.8 dB
NRR (per EPA-1979 adjustment factor -3) 29.8 dB

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Industrial accounts looking for an excellent, cost effective, PPE solution for their workforce, look no further than custom-fit Insta-Mold® earplugs. Insta-Mold® have been proven time and time again throughout their 40+ year history to provide exceptional protection against noise and water when properly fit. Insta-Mold’s will also reduce the amount a company annually spends on hearing protection requirements.
With a lifespan of 3-5 years depending on use, working environment and employee care, Insta-Mold’s have benefits beyond just hearing protection. Below is a quick cost comparison chart reflecting the widely used “uncorded” foam disposable earplug ($0.20/pair – $0.35/pair) versus a set of “corded” Insta-Mold’s.
This example makes a conservative assumption that an employee will use only two pairs of “uncorded” foam plugs each day for a total year of 240 work days. (“Corded” foam earplugs are generally $0.15 to $0.20 more expensive per pair). Factoring this equation over a four-year period, this cost comparison becomes immense, especially with a larger workforce. In addition, the money that is saved can be better allocated to research and design, machinery maintenance, computer upgrades, building improvements, and employee hiring and training. The immediate benefits will be recognized to both company and employee for many years to come.

Insta-Mold® Solid Earplugs

Insta-Mold® earplugs are the most advanced instant silicone product line available to the hearing industry. Insta-Mold® are custom-fit earplugs made on-the-spot. Unlike ordinary impression silicone, Insta-Mold® is stronger and more durable than other silicone impression material. The vast majority of adult users report an average lifetime 5 or more years per set of Insta-Mold® custom-fit earplugs.
NRR 29.8db
Retail $60

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Insta-Mold® Acoustic Filtered Earplugs

The Insta-Mold® filtered earplugs use specialized patented filters that are inserted into a custom mold to allow safe sounds – those below 80 dB like normal conversation – to pass virtually unattenuated. For sounds higher than 80 dB, these filters limit the sound attenuation to OSHA regulated require­ments. Best used in industrial noise and shotgun sports for those who want to hear conversation or auditory signals coming from machinery.
NRR 19-20 dB
Retail $80

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Insta-Mold® Pop-Stoppers™ Acoustic Filtered Earplugs

With our Insta-Mold® Pop-Stoppers™ Acoustic Filtered Earplugs, you can leave the “Stopper” in the OPEN position to hear critical environmental sounds and in the CLOSED position when additional attenuation is desired. The process is simple and easy and it is like having Bifocals for hearing protection!
Open Position: NRR 19-20 dB.
Closed Position: NRR 29-30 dB.
Retail $100

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Insta-Mold® Metal Detectable Earplugs

The Insta-Mold® Metal Detectable Earplugs are most commonly used in the food processing industry for detection of the earplugs should they be lost during the manufacturing process.

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Insta-Mold® Communication Earplugs

Hearing Protection & Communication Integration
Almost any two way radio communication system can be connected to the Insta-Mold hearing protection device.

Uninterrupted Hearing Protection
Your employees won’t have to remove there HPD in order to hear there radio communication system.

The Insta-Mold hearing protection device offers 29.8 db of protection from background noise. So you can keep the volume down on your two way radio and still hear important messages quietly & safely.