The Racing Monitors CFV are made with a standard 3.5mm mono jack and 36″ cord length. They will plug directly into your Racing Monitor CFV and help you isolate the radio traffic coming from the tower officials into your ears at a reduced volume level.

In the amateur and professional racing circuit, communications is a must for pit crews and drivers. Relaying vital strategic plans throughout a race along with communicating current positions, and/or possible upcoming hazards on the track is an invaluable asset to a racing team’s success.  Now is the time to ensure you are relaying vital information with our Racing Monitor CFV.

Our racing molds are used by drivers in a variety of motorsports – speed boats, Grand Prix stock car, snowmobiling, NASCAR, motorcycles, etc. – who demand the best in high-fidelity communications when competing in today’s strenuous race course conditions.

These custom fit version are an upgrade from generic foam units. Custom fit for better comfort and durability, these units provide excellent sound suppression characteristics underneath any racing helmet.

• 2-Hz Frequency Response
• 16KHz, /- 4dB
• 115 dB SPL Maximum output
• Weight is less than 1 oz. plus ear molds
• Standard 3.5mm mono jack plug

Helmet Connection Monitor(s) cord length is 19″ long. Raceceiver Connection Monitor(s) cord length is 36″ long. Package includes cleaning tool, replaceable foam tips, round zipper case and racing harness.