Well, I have shot 3 matches with the new ear protection. They are fantastic. The different settings are easy to change with the button on each. They are so much better than using my hearing aids. The silicone fits much better and the hearing aid in the middle lets me hear conversation easily. Thank you Scott, you are doing a great service for us shooters who wear hearing aids, with a better product for shooting. I will be sure to let my fellow shooters know about this new type of hearing protection. By the way, Shannon loves his also.

Charles Whidden

The ear plugs worked perfectly. The concert was awesome.

Tony Drake

I use fitted PremEAR plugs under my muffs for extra protection.

Dave Sevigny
World Champion Pistol Shooter

PremEAR is literally the only one I would trust to fit me with a set of ears. PremEAR is also the only one I would refer to because they produce top level work, the best quality, outstanding customer service, compassion and professionalism. We go back over 10 years and I was glad to be able to transfer my Atlanta contacts to PremEAR because I kew they were in good hands.

Michael Maal Owner HEARSafe USA
Owner HEARSafe USA

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